Bitcoin and Monero

When I first heard about Bitcoin (8 years ago), I thought it would pass. It didn’t and I’m one of those suckers who’s thinking “why didn’t I just get a couple when they were worth nothing…“

But, better late than never!


I wanted to learn more about Bitcoin, so I bought a small amount and lo-and-behold: it got transferred into my wallet. A couple of hours later on Wikipedia/Youtube and I think I’ve got a pretty good idea how it works.

That’s it for Bitcoin, it’s too established to really do something ‘interesting’ with it (or invest in it, IMHO).


Monero is an alt-coin, which is constructed in a more privacy-concerned manner than Bitcoin. But that’s not the reason I got interested in it; The other interesting property is that the coin is designed so that ‘mining’ is more CPU-friendly.

For Bitcoin, the best mining happens on specifically designed machines (ASICs) and 2nd best happens on GPU. For Monero, it’s still possible to do decent mining (generating random hashes) on a CPU.

Which is interesting for two reasons:

The latter reason is why I think Monero has a shot towards becoming a viable coin as well 😁

Mining Monero

After about an hour I managed to compile both the GPU and CPU miner for Monero on OSX. Now I could find out for myself the Hash-rate difference between CPU and GPU!

Interestingly, the GPU miner completely locks up my computer but spits out a rather disappointing 10.5 H/s (NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M 512 MB).

As expected, the CPU fares a lot better: 37 H/s per core! My i7 has 4 cores, so if I leave one for myself, I get a nice 111 H/s without locking my computer up. According to the Monero IRC my processor would fare even better on Linux/Windows because of optimization in xmr.

Mine for yourself

If you want to join the cool kids and mine some Monero, you can do so on my blog. Apparently my blog gets listed as ‘unsafe’ because of the CoinHive-script 😒, so I’ve disabled it.

my computer averages 60 H/s in javascript, higher is better! To stop mining, simply refresh the page

Send me some e-dough

If you like, you can send me some Monero:


For sending me Bitcoin, let me know and I’ll generate you a link 😇