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Two minute papers

Keep up to date with the latest in science (especially AI and CGI) with this Youtube channel (“What a time to be alive!”)

Lockpicking Lawyer

Exquisite locks get opened in record-time accompanied by a soothing voice.


Great band from Brighton. Especially love The Bullet Within

Dirk Gently

Haven’t read the books yet, but this tv series is quirky and fun (The quickly cancelled British version was also nice)

Au service de la France

Another French spy comedy… double tamponné!

Final Space

Unexpectedly dramatic for a comedy. Did not see that coming!

Your Name

Beautifully animated, funny, sad, and really great story telling. I was really on the edge of my seat!

Random access memories

A beautiful album. Daft Punk!

Battlestar Galactica

For me this kicked off the Golden Age of Television. The OST is also awesome (especially season 4)!

Empire of the sun

These guys are heroes

Thank you for smoking

The US president of “Olympus has Fallen” convinces you to smoke. Funny and interesting.


Humor from 1759, Candide from Voltaire is still funny.


Best known for “I, Robot”, Asimov wrote some great other books as well (like the “Foundation” series)

Bubba Ho-Tep

Elvis and a black JFK fight a mummy. ‘nuff said.

Life on Mars

Oh, how I long for the 70s-atmosphere of this BBC series.


Nerdy numberstuff. Very interesting and dare I say: funny

Panique au Village

More funny French stuff. There is also a feature-length movie which is extremely funny, just don’t watch the trailer: it gives everything away.

Severn Suzuki Speech

A great speech at the UN by a little girl. Logical that most world leaders were crying half-way through.

OSS 117

Funny French Spy Farce. If you don’t laugh, you’re not alive.

Cat's Cradle (Vonnegut)

Vonnegut wrote cool books. This is one of them.

Fleshgod Apocalypse King

Ridiculous name, great album about rationality vs emotions. Fast and melodious metal. Also check the Agony-album.

Joris Luyendijk

Writer with a sharp sense of observation and putting things in a human perspective. All books recommended.

The Collapse of Chaos

Fascinating book about chaos theory. How structured rules lead to chaos, and how you can predict that chaos on a higher level.


TV series about conspiracy. Extreme in violence, humor and colors. Season 1 + first episode of season 2.

Sherlock Holmes

Often copied and ‘re-imagined’, but the original from the 1800s is surprisingly fun to read still.

Swiss Army Man

A weird, funny and touching movie about a dead (and farting!) Harry Potter.

The Adventure Zone

The nerdiest thing in history: a podcast about D&D. But it sure is funny!

The Sandbaggers

Best TV-series ever, it’s exciting stuff from the seventies. The only TV-series with an episode canceled because of the ‘official secrets act’.

Millenium • Robbie Williams

Imagine a Bond movie with Robbie Williams. What a world that would be!


Dreamy post-rock. The link opens the album Weather Systems on Spotify, but all albums are great!

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