Scribble - easy note writing

Sometimes you just need to make a quick note. I regularly open TextEdit for this on my Mac, which works fine. However, I’ve gotten quite tired of the ‘do you want to save the file’ dialog. Also, the app has several smart ways of changing my text: auto replace spelling, apply smart quotes… Something I generally like, but don’t always want.

So, I decided to create my own app :)

Introducing Scribble

It’s the world’s simplest OSX app. Basically it’s an edit field, without any options. All text is without markup, doesn’t have an option to save and no text will be altered on typing. You can open as many Scribble windows as you like and ‘destroy’ them all when you press CMD-Q. Hope it’s useful to someone :)

Scribble in action

Still to do

Getting the app

As I’m not a certified developer, you’ll have to ALT-right-click the app and select ‘open’ to run Scribble.

Download Scribble