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Typical design articles. Get your inspiration here for new bullshit!

I love the design community. Really. And I appreciate all the hard work everybody’s doing in producing nice new content for free. Really!!



Sometimes those articles are a little bit… How should I say? A little bit too predictable? Or too meta? Or too clickbaity?

Anyway, decided to have some fun coming up with articles I’d expect to see here on Medium. Enjoy!

Feel free to copy one of these titles as a starting point for your next Medium article on design:

  • How design thinking revolutionized the way I do groceries
  • Top 5 things I learned about UX design from being an alcoholic
  • Don’t get held back by imposter syndrome: how to become a UX designer in three days
  • UX design for good: how George Washington designed the USA
  • Hamburger flipping: how I apply my skills as a McDonalds employee in my day-to-day UX Research
  • Strategic and service design: a practical guide modeled on the downfall of the Roman Empire
  • Mobile first for architecture: three lessons from UX-writing
  • The strange interference of moon phases and discovery sprints. Five practical tips
  • Three reasons personas are like solar-systems
  • The practical UX of narwals
  • Cannot afford a mortgage right now? Gibson’s affordance theory explained in 5 gif’s
  • How Fitt’s Law relates will revolutionise dating in 2025
  • Service design IS product design. Why your service is actually a productized market research process
  • UX/UI or UI/UX — Finally the clarification you’ve all been waiting for
  • How service design could be the key to solving the Palestine-Israeli conflict
  • User design. How we stopped worrying about our product and focused on the real problem instead
  • From workshops to shopwork: design your next career opportunity as supermarket-employee
  • UXI, the new paradigm rapidly replacing UX/UI. Are you ready for a new job title?

random cliche-Unsplash photo
Obligatory random cliche-Unsplash photo. Photo by Mia Baker on Unsplash

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