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2018 in review


2018 in review #

My first personal year-review. I had fun this year :) I wrote over 20.500 words worth of blog-articles which had over 3.000 views on Medium and 1.356 on my website. Work was great, and I started writing a book.

AI and Design #

In 2018 I started to focus on AI in design. It all started with letting a neural network create my privacy policy. After that I presented a talk “Creating magic: Design and AI” at UX Camp Amsterdam and wrote an article to go with it. I since presented updated versions of that talk twice.

My next step is to take this further, I described my plans a bit better and published a first ’experiment’ of trying to design something that’s perceived as intelligent.

Me presenting at UX Camp Amsterdam
Me presenting at UX Camp Amsterdam

1001ideas.org #

My ‘crazy ideas’-blog got updated as well. I dreamt up a rotating clock face, a place to train yourself to be more rebellious, a t-shirt, a global address book (an idea I actually pitched to the Dutch postal organization), I tried out bacon tea (unsuccessfully) and I published my vision on how to get rid of cardboard.

Workshops and Facilitation #

I invented 3 new workshops with my colleagues at Angi Studio. The most important one being the Design System Takeoff which I co-facilitated at the municipality of The Hague. I facilitated multiple workshops, Design Sprints and Research Sprints, and even a marketing sprint. I trained people in giving Design Sprints.


Researching job-titles in design #

83 people filled in my questionnaire on job-titles I set up that research, because I feel that job-titles are misleading. I published a detailed analysis of the results (and an analysis of that analysis).

Prototyping and experimentation #

I wrote 5 tips on how to use the prototyping tool Axure, in one of which I create an actual working game. I experimented which photo-service is the best (part 1 and part 2). Figured out which days are most popular in songs, created several scripts for photos, moved my blog to gitlab, experimented with internet beats in my blog and wrote on how to combine git with dropbox.

New year, new stuff #

I changed banks, mobile OS (went to iOS from Android) and moved to iCloud for my photos (read here why I did it, how and if I like it or not). I also started writing a book.

What’s up for 2019? #

I’m going to continu with my hobbies: photography, experimenting and prototyping crazy ideas. I’ll also delve into AI&Design more.

Furthermore, I hope to be more relaxed in my attitude, we’ll see how that works out ;)