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Games • Part 3: Getting to know eachother

This is number three in my series of ‘home-made’ games (part 1, part 2). I developed these games for scouting for a big group to get to know eachother (“ice-breakers”).

That’s not my secret! #

materials: pens and small pieces of paper

The group is split into two equal groups and everybody writes down two secrets (“I love Justin Bieber”, “I sucked my thumb until I was twelve”, “I love death metal”, “I was once in jail”, etc.) on two separate pieces of paper. Write clearly, because someone else has to read them! Everybody keeps one secret and hands the other to someone else within their group. No peeking 😊

The two groups then face eachother in two lines and now the game begins!

Based on a coin toss one group starts. One person from the group reads his two notes with secrets (one from himself and one from a team-mate) in a random order, it is now for the opposing team to figure out which of the secrets belongs to this person. They may ask one question and then have to decide.

The person reveals if they were correct and to whom the other secret belonged. The team gets a point for guessing correctly, and the other team then gets the turn.

I took a finger to the knee #

materials: a pen and small pieces of paper

Write down the names of everybody on small pieces of paper. Hand one paper to everyone in the group. Now everybody has a random ’name’. The goal of the game is to touch the knee of this person. If you succeed, you get the piece of paper of this person and you continue. The person with the most pieces of paper at the end of the game has won.

There are two variants:

  • the quick-version: start with a whistle and time it for 10 minutes
  • the slow-version: the game lasts an entire weekend