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Games • Part 2: Some more mystery-games!

Six years ago I mentioned I might publish some more games I created. I understand everybody has been waiting anxiously, so here it goes!

Mystery-games #

I created the games below for scouting, they are all in Dutch (but since the whole blog is in English, I’m just going to keep writing in English). They are password protected as they are ‘mystery-solving’ games. I’m leaving some words here for ye Dutch Googlers: rollenspel, mysterie-spel, cluedo, piraten, raadsel, winkel, albert heijn, sprookje, sprookjesspel, rood kapje en de wolf.

Dirty pirates #

This game is pirate-themed and was used during a hike. Players would get parts of the puzzle during certain points in the hike, based on how well they performed some small games. In the end they could consult ’the oracle’ (me, through WhatsApp) to ask one question.

The puzzle is pretty foulmouthed and infantile, because it was oriented at sixteen to eighteen year olds 🤣

The game was used only once, but got very good feedback. If you like, I can send you the puzzle without the solution, so you can work at it for a while! 😇

Shop or be shopped #

This is one of my favorites: a murder mystery in a supermarket. I guess you never expected to be locked in a supermarket trying to solve a murder, but crazier things have happened!

A great story mixing chlamydia, half-skimmed milk, drugs, murder, hamsters and bonus-cards. Do you want a plastic bag with that?

Age group: 15+.

Little-red-ridinghood #

A mystery game based on fairytales, for ages 7+. Originally done with a group of girls in the ages 7-11 years old. It was a big success!

Little Red Riding Hood is working for the wolf in this story, he has a big business empire of grocery delivery to sick grandmas. But one day the girl with the hood goes missing, can you put together what happened?

Email to play #

If you want to try out any of the games, just send me an email!

_update: [and here’s part three]({% link posts/2018-03-12-games-post3.md %}