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Fully customisable slider in Axure. Error messages, auto-interpolation, etc.

I’ve created a fully customisable slider for all to use. Feel free to use, modify and give feedback

Features #

Of course, the slider is packed with features 🤓

Fully customisable #

  • min/max/default values can be set
  • slider-range is automatically adjusted for size of slider and min/max values
  • shape / design of slider is customisable
  • shape of hint is customisable
  • error messages, warnings and feedback text is easily changed

Summation #

Add as many sliders as you like: values are summed without the use of a global variable.

Keyboard input #

Users can edit the field, which changes the slider position. Plus they can use up/down arrow keys to increase/decrease values.

Easy to use #

Includes a settings-panel for the Interaction-/UX-designer. The slider does not use global variables, so it is very easy to copy/paste.

Everything is commented, so it’s easy to learn the tricks I used. Nonetheless: I’d like to create a series of forum posts on my techniques, to discuss them with you all! For now, I hope the slider becomes useful for you!

The settings-page #

UX designers can set almost anything about the slider in the settings-page. Everything is accessible from within Axure.

Settings page in Axure