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Don't see the autologin option in Ubuntu?

So you want your computer to autologin and you think you are crazy because NOWHERE can you find the stupid option to do so eventhough every google link gives you the same “it’s so easy” answer?

Autologin setting

But why don’t I have that option?

Or you know, you could edit one of those config files which Canonical keeps moving all over the place? (the internet suggests it should be in lightdm.conf or in grub)

And even after you found the config files and changed it… Still autologin doesn’t work on Ubuntu!

Well, you are not crazy

What you probably did was enable fulldisk or home-folder encryption. Of course autologin then doesn’t work… It is possible to remove this post-install, but be prepared for some terminal incantations, sweating and swearing.

At least now you know you were not alone in this problem. Good luck!