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AI - The Da Vinci Code game (2007)

The goal of the “Da Vinci Code” game is to find out which numbers the opponent has on its ‘stones’ before he guesses the numbers on your stones. We modeled the reasoning in Java and it is possible to play the game online.

A project done during “Multi-Agent Systems” during my master Artificial Intelligence. Together with Jaldert Rombouts and Tessa Verhoef I modeled the “Davinci Code”-game. The computer-player reasons about its own ‘stones’ and about the knowledge it has of the human-player’s ‘stones’. It then tries to optimize its strategy by reasoning what a human-player would do based on the knowledge that player has.

You can’t play the game anymore, but the usability of the web-application was sadly far from desired, and I have neither the time nor the original source-code to improve it.