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Ironing device from Hema

The ironing device

Another one from Daniel, thanks!

This device can be set to different settings with a dial underneath the handle. The problem is that this dial can’t be read when the device is used :) The above image shows the default (top) view, can you see at which temperature it’s set?

Below is another view of the dial. For me (I have to admit I never use ironing devices), it’s still difficult to see what is going on. It’s set to ‘min’ right now, which is colder than ‘max’ of course :) But what does it mean to go to one, two or three dots?

The ironing device

Solution #

Put the dial on top of the device. Also, could somebody used to ironing devices tell me whether an actual temperature instead of dots would be more helpful as well?

Update on the dots from Lise: Concerning the dots, most fabric items have a label describing how to wash and dry the item. If an item is ironable (is that a word?), the iron symbol contains dots. Simply match the number of dots on the label to the one on the ironing thing, and you’re all done and don’t have to care about what the amount of dots reflect. (Personally, I try to avoid purchasing any clothing that requires ironing. I rather have my stuff drycleaned than iron it myself!)